SourceForge Utilties: Getting Started

To get the sfutils project running, the first thing you need to do is to to get SourceForge's certificate installed and trusted by your Java virtual machine. This should be automated in a future release.

Step 1: Get the certificate

Point your web browser at Once the page loads, use your browser's options to find the certificate for the current page. You should verify that it is for the domain. Here's a screenshot from Microsoft Internet Explorer showing the certificate details:

Step 2: Export the certificate

Export the certificate to disk (name it something useful, like sourceforge). This usually results in a file named, e.g., sourceforge.cer. In the screenshot above, you would click the Copy to File... button and follow the prompts.

Step 3: Install the certificate

The next step is to install the certificate you just saved into your Java virtual machine as a trusted certificate. HttpUnit's SSL FAQ has an excellent overview, and since it's this product that needs the certificate installed, you might as well follow its instructions. :-)